Self-Sabotage – B-Sydes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s always great watching acts grow to fulfil their full potential. It’s one thing to have good songs, and Ben Sydes has never had a shortage in that department, but it is tough to deliver the song that is in your head when you are racing around the country in a solo, plug in and... Continue Reading →

They Say I Don’t Write Love Songs – The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music can act as a sort of time travel device and whenever I hear this band's raggle-taggle beauty I am immediately transported through various interconnected chapters of my life, and the scenes and soundtracks that accompanied them. They remind me of everything from The Levellers soaring folk-punk, New Model Army’s windswept majesty, The Pogues lyrical... Continue Reading →

Odetta Hartman, new album and tour

Odetta will perform at The Islington, London on 24th September. She's also just announced a string of European shows in support of Micheal Nau & The Mighty Thread*. 'Old Rockhounds Never Die' is a bonanza of beautiful contradictions: intimate yet fiercely internationalist, spiritual and yet tangible, sweet and also sexy. It convenes with the ghosts... Continue Reading →

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