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Micah P. Hinson and The Musicians of the Apocalypse tour dates

Micah P. Hinson and the Musicians of the Apocalypse will release their new album ‘When I Shoot At You With Arrows, I Will Shoot To Destroy You’ through Full Time Hobby on 26th October. Recorded in 24 hours somewhere in … Continue reading

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The Missing Persians – The Missing Persians (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As soon as Old Man’s Shoes emanates from the speakers you quickly realise that you are in a very different musical world from the vast majority of music made these days. I guess it is an age thing, once you … Continue reading

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Free  – Collins and Streiss (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Obviously more by accident than design but Collins and Streiss’s sound owes something to their initials and all that implies. If they became a trio by incorporating someone whose surname began with an N then the CS&N moniker would be … Continue reading

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Seán McGowan announces debut album and tour dates

Seán McGowan has announce the release of his debut album, Son of the Smith, through Xtra Mile Recordings on 11 May 2018. Preorders for the album on CD, LP and digital are available at this link  The first single taken … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes – John Johanna (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I didn’t realise people still made albums like this, but I’m damned glad that they do. Well, that John Johanna does anyway. Even before you immerse yourself in the music you encounter a mercurial air that hangs above its sonic … Continue reading

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Sons of Rage/West Sierra – The Decrees (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If the art of good rock music is taking a robust sound and lacing it through with infectious melodies and memorable hooks and the art of great pop music is to aim higher than the short shelf life teen market … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCXVIX : Anywhere, Everywhere – The Singer and The Songwriter 

If ever a song encapsulated the idea of breaking free, of heading out into the great wide open, seeing the world and collecting the memories that will keep you warm later in life, the ones that enable you to look … Continue reading

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Bleed 432 – Roddan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some things just remain part of modern history. The sleek lines of a Volkswagen Beetle, the iconic shape of a Coca-Cola bottle, the fit of the blue jean, the sound of the classic singer-songwriter. And that is exactly where Roddan … Continue reading

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The Collection – Nelson King (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There was a point a few songs in to The Collection, possibly somewhere around Always You that I recognised the same battered style and ragged glory of one of my favourite musical cult heroes, Nikki Sudden. In my book, it … Continue reading

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Pratfalls and Curtain Calls – Bob Pepek (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As the title of the album suggests, Pratfalls and Curtain Calls is autobiographical in nature, an artist reflecting on the world around him in all it’s honest and gritty glory, its intimacy and loneliness, its ultimate highs, its desolate lows, … Continue reading

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