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Everybody Move –  Man Called Noon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Life affirming, that’s what this is! It is a term which gets banded about a lot but there is something so positive, so infectious, so groovesome, so…well, great, that there is really no other term for it. At a collision … Continue reading

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Porgy – Labyrinth Lounge (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What happens when a hip New York jazz rhythm section share their musical visions with a West Coast musical shaman? Well, one possible outcome can be found by listening to Labyrinth Lounge’s debut album. Never far from a chilled jazz … Continue reading

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Turn It Up – JV and Teej (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you think that hip-hop missed its chance to go wholly over ground as a musical style and that rap music seemed to jump the queue and became the radio friendly, unit shifting, happy to compromise, edgy dance music of … Continue reading

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The Mothers Earth Experiment – The Mothers Earth Experiment (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of exploring the music too closely, right from the off the two things that scream out at me as I dip my toe in its sonic waters are the sheer eclecticism and the … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CLX : Gone As A Friend – Park Hotel

Whilst there is more than a nod to the new wave, funky-punk of Talking Heads running through the track, it is what else they bring to the table that stops this being a mere pastiche or homage to past times. … Continue reading

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The Morning Kings – The Morning Kings (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sometimes the right band comes along just at the right time. This isn’t some grandiose statement about the nature of the universe, more an insight into how my morning is going. When you have spent the day so far struggling … Continue reading

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To The Border – Browlin (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Well, this is different, but that’s a good thing right? As you join Browlin on his musical journey toward the titular border of his albums title, you realise that the border isn’t necessary that Tex-Mex river crossing that seems to … Continue reading

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Exploding Universe – The Brainiac 5 (Reckless Records) reviewed by Dave Franklin

If you can tell the character of a man by the company he keeps, then you can tell a lot about a band by the references they juggle. One quoting Beefheart, Gertrude Stein and G.I. Gurdjieff, lyrically spouting a wonderful … Continue reading

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Mushroom Tea – David 9 Lunas (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

For a man whose past weaves between such rock and hard places as No Sweat, B.L.O.W and therefore by association Little Angels, David 9 Lunas seems to have found a mellower musical place to inhabit these days. The 5 tracks … Continue reading

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Guard Down EP – Salute The Sun (reviewed by Ian O’Regan)

Salute The Sun is a 4-piece soul/funk/pop band from Bristol, who have been together just a year before recording this EP, and on first impressions, they’ve done extremely well in that year to be able to produce such a tight, … Continue reading

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