A Quick Conversation with Martin Engler of Mono Inc.

With German maestros of doom-laden classic rock meets dark wave Mono Inc. releasing their 11th album, it felt like the perfect time to catch up with frontman Martin Engler to find out about the twenty year journey of the band, how such music is perceived in the current musical climate and where the band are... Continue Reading →

Great Goth Almighty!

As we head into the halloween weekend, houses are being suitably be-decked in all things spooky and it is the perfect time to re-immerse yourself in the much misunderstood genre that is goth. Not only does it make for the perfect soundtrack, you will be reminded just how great some of the music was. Those... Continue Reading →

So Below unveils new single Visions

Madeline North a.k.a So Below releases her highly anticipated new single ‘Visions’, the fourth and final track from her freshly released second EP ‘II’ which is out now. ‘Visions’ is a four way Kiwi collaboration with co-writers Chelsea Jade and Sam McCarthy (Boyboy), with mixing and mastering done by Aaron Short (Space Above, The Naked... Continue Reading →

Battle – Lionface (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Lionface tick plenty of boxes no matter which generic direction you approach them from. Rock fans will appreciate the underlying drive and aggression, pop fans will dig the accessibility, one that could easily transfer into chart territory. Add to that subversive industrial dance grooves, dark strands of gothic pomp and twisted electronica and you have a... Continue Reading →

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