The Book of Fire –  Mono Inc  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Theatrics and high drama have always had their place in rock music, both in performance and in the songs themselves. Its a genre it has always been about escapism and whilst some choose to seek that by writing songs about fast women and faster cars, others wander into far more mystical places. Mono Inc have... Continue Reading →

A Projection release Lucy Shrine ahead of new full album release

The post-punk/indie/goth act A Projection formed in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, and have released two albums to date - ‘Exit’ (2015) and ‘Framework’ (2017). The band’s brand new album, ‘Section’, arrives following a period of reinvention after the departure of their original singer, with former bassist Rikard Tengvall eventually proving to be a more than adequate replacement behind the mic.... Continue Reading →

Great Goth Almighty!

As we head into the halloween weekend, houses are being suitably be-decked in all things spooky and it is the perfect time to re-immerse yourself in the much misunderstood genre that is goth. Not only does it make for the perfect soundtrack, you will be reminded just how great some of the music was. Those... Continue Reading →

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