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Scene and Heard – CCXC : I Need You  –  Phoenix O’Neill (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Cruel World saw Phoenix O’Neill opening up her soul in a cathartic and confessional way, a slice of from the heart, honest emotion, I Need You navigates some more expected pop waters. This track from the same debut e.p. … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard  –  CCLXXXIX – Cruel World –  Phoenix O’Neill (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The best songs come from the most honest of places. They might not always be the biggest songs, the most obviously marketable, or fall easily in line with the current zeitgeist but for the discerning music listener they are the … Continue reading

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Out of the Ashes EP –  Phoenix O’Neill (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop has been getting up to some very interesting things of late. Yes, there is still the obvious, high gloss, production line, pop by numbers that feeds the needs of the music industry and the chart system, but there is … Continue reading

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Television Personalities –  Bud Collins Trio (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is a mirror to be held up to the world around it, to reflect one issue or another, to point at things, to raise questions. Television Personalities does just this, and okay it may not pose a direct question … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCLXXXII: Holy Now – Wasuremono (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You can trust Wasuremono to be both right on the current zeitgeist but still way out ahead of the pack when it comes to any video that accompanies their gloriously beguiling music. So only a day after watching Ready Player … Continue reading

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What If… – Emily B Green (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is some music which transcends genres. I’m not saying that in a sensationalist way or to invoke the modern trend for hyperbole, it is just that some music is built along such classic lines that it predates the contemporary … Continue reading

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Words and Music : California Dreaming with Brice Sedgwick

We recently sat down for a chat with emerging Australian artist Brice Sedgwick, about his two smooth and splendid releases to date, his Californian dreaming, the evolution of his music and what the future holds for him. On both Pacifico … Continue reading

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Undone / I Don’t Know Why I Love You – Soft Science (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

At that point where the haze of shoegaze meets the pristine lines of pop, where cool of the underground overlaps with the more discerning end of the commercial music machine, where the dream-like meets the danceable, you find Soft Science. … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard  – CCLXXVI : All or Nothing –  Saints of Bliss (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music can make big, bold statements, make obvious moves and play predictable cards but it is at its finest, in my opinion at least, when it is employing subtler and more supple techniques to engage the listener. That, is exactly … Continue reading

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Violent Video Games –  Camens (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Camens are back and if last time around Redolence saw them seeped in late night beach party vibes and vibrant, dance fuelled indie grooves, this time around their chosen escape is to shut the door on the hassle and hustle … Continue reading

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