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Stepwise –  RPM Orchestra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some of the most interesting music comes out of nowhere, bowls you over, is gracious enough to help you back on your feet and then races off in random directions whilst you are still flicking the dust off of your … Continue reading

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Thank You For The Music –  Tony Marino (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As a musician it sometimes pays to stop and look back at the reason you became a musician in the first place, to acknowledge those who came before you, whose music inspired you to try to follow in their footsteps. … Continue reading

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Accomplice One – Tommy Emmanuel (reviewed by Ian O’Regan)

Aliens walk among us. It is known. For the most part, they keep their heads down, hiding in plain sight, disguised as ordinary citizens, never drawing attention to themselves, never giving the indigenous human population cause to be concerned, going … Continue reading

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Formula For Life –  Alphonso Archer (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is driven by many factors and we often find that the biggest inspirations, the best creative flows are the result of being presented with the biggest hurdles. When faced with two life changing diagnoses, instead of pulling away and … Continue reading

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When Your Whole World Turns To Dust -A Blue Flame (reviewed by Ian O’Regan)

The spirit of Peter Sarstedt is alive and well in Richard Stone, the Leicestershire based solo artist who released his third album on September 25th.  Opening with a gentle jazzy feel, moving through hoppy and skippy, and making a stop … Continue reading

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Afloat – The NJE (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even on paper, The NJE, standing for Near Jazz Experience, is a fascinating concept. Horn led, jazz infused, pop/rock instrumentals, largely unrehearsed and improvised but built on some solid yet supple underlying grooves. But jazz for the purist this isn’t, … Continue reading

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Porgy – Labyrinth Lounge (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What happens when a hip New York jazz rhythm section share their musical visions with a West Coast musical shaman? Well, one possible outcome can be found by listening to Labyrinth Lounge’s debut album. Never far from a chilled jazz … Continue reading

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The Water Of Leith – Blue Rose Code (reviewed by Ian O’Regan)

I reviewed Paul Brady’s new album “Unfinished Business” a couple of weeks ago, and spent a very enjoyable hour or so being reminded of when I was young and only mildly cynical, and when the likes of Brady, and Van … Continue reading

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Hidden Landscapes – Wim Dijkgraaf (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I have to confess that harmonica led jazz is not my normal area of expertise, but that’s fine, it just means that I get to drop my bag of well-worn indie clichés and pop puns and approach the music like … Continue reading

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Being Alive – Hayley Lam (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Tell someone that you are a piano led, instrumental, jazz fusion outfit these days, particularly around Hayley Lam’s New York base of operations and I’m sure you have to then spend the next ten minutes explaining that you are not … Continue reading

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