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The Mothers Earth Experiment – The Mothers Earth Experiment (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of exploring the music too closely, right from the off the two things that scream out at me as I dip my toe in its sonic waters are the sheer eclecticism and the … Continue reading

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Florescentia – Charlotte Cardinale (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Ever since a string of, essentially pop, artists from Amy Winehouse to Duffy to current hyperbolic sensation Adele re-appropriated and repackaged soul for a shallower, style over substance world, the genre seems to have traded in its essential elements for … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CLXX: Soothe – Shambhu

One of the advantages of reviewing music in the rudderless way that I do, not fixed to a magazine or website, trend, genre or even brief, is that I am truly at the mercy of the Gods of Fate and … Continue reading

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A Sound Inve$tment – Tony Marino (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Twenty years and nine albums down the line from his debut release, The Latin Jazz Project, and Tony Marino is still expertly exploring the boundaries and back roads of that genre. This new album takes instrumental excursions through myriad sub-genres, … Continue reading

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Say It – Tom Greer feat. Sarah Wade (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

  Here’s the scene. I’m sat at a desk with a tower of CD’s precariously stacked either side of me, both probably contravening any number of health and safety laws and falling largely into two categories. Those on the left … Continue reading

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Delbert McClinton & Self Made Men – Prick Of The Litter

Reviewed by Ian O’Regan Celebrated three-time Grammy award winner Delbert McClinton and Self-Made Men will release their newest recording, Prick Of The Litter on January 27th, 2017. Prick Of The Litter contains 12 new songs that feature the soulful blend … Continue reading

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Journey To X – The Brainiac 5 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Things I like: Weird pop music. Intelligent lyrics. Bands that stick two fingers up to the idea that rock and roll is a young man’s game. Musical ideas that have no business being in the same song. Existentialism. Genuine punk … Continue reading

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Misery Road – Cranky George (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I love the cyclical nature of music, the fact that the sounds of your formative years despite going through many twists and turns manage to find their way back into your life. So I’m currently sat in my office space … Continue reading

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Music For All Occasions -Robocobra Quartet (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I started the day writing about how we live in a post-genre musical world when trying to describe how the cool of the underground was combining with more mainstream sounds to create a new, more palatable pop alternative. I end … Continue reading

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Lewis Clark and The Essentials, debut album and tour.

In support of their fantastic, forth-coming debut album, Vinyl Love, Lewis Clark and the Essentials are out on the road this Autumn. In the short time that they have been together, this genre-hopping trio have gathered rave, critical reviews and … Continue reading

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