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The Climb – Matthew De Ver (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music obviously has a fluidity to it, a quality that means that the same piece can evoke a different set of reactions in different people depending on their own experiences and world outlook. Similarly lyrics can be used just as … Continue reading

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Television Personalities –  Bud Collins Trio (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is a mirror to be held up to the world around it, to reflect one issue or another, to point at things, to raise questions. Television Personalities does just this, and okay it may not pose a direct question … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCLXXVIII : Strange – Indira May (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a wonderful visual metaphor running through the video for Indira May’s debut single, or is it a simile, I should know the difference really. Anyway, the point is that visually the video paints a suitably strange picture, one … Continue reading

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What If… – Emily B Green (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is some music which transcends genres. I’m not saying that in a sensationalist way or to invoke the modern trend for hyperbole, it is just that some music is built along such classic lines that it predates the contemporary … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCLXVIII : Gingers (or We Ain’t Got No Souls) – The Amber Bugs (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As a country we have a funny relationship with our redheads. It borders on racism, rubbish racism, but racism none the less. The sort of racism that is limited to someone shouting GINGERRRRRRR! across the street at the russet bonced … Continue reading

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Nine Beats To The Bar –  Nine Beats Collective (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The fact that I have been saying the same thing more and more in music reviews lately means that there must be something going on. Some music is all about having fun, about letting off steam, about just enjoying the … Continue reading

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Stepwise –  RPM Orchestra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some of the most interesting music comes out of nowhere, bowls you over, is gracious enough to help you back on your feet and then races off in random directions whilst you are still flicking the dust off of your … Continue reading

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Thank You For The Music –  Tony Marino (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As a musician it sometimes pays to stop and look back at the reason you became a musician in the first place, to acknowledge those who came before you, whose music inspired you to try to follow in their footsteps. … Continue reading

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Accomplice One – Tommy Emmanuel (reviewed by Ian O’Regan)

Aliens walk among us. It is known. For the most part, they keep their heads down, hiding in plain sight, disguised as ordinary citizens, never drawing attention to themselves, never giving the indigenous human population cause to be concerned, going … Continue reading

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Formula For Life –  Alphonso Archer (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is driven by many factors and we often find that the biggest inspirations, the best creative flows are the result of being presented with the biggest hurdles. When faced with two life changing diagnoses, instead of pulling away and … Continue reading

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