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Crimen release six years in the making debut album

Silent Animals may be the debut album from Italian trio Crimen, but it arrives over a decade into their career. Simone Greco (bass, voice, sound engineering) and Patrizio Strippoli (guitars, voice) formed the band in the Centocelle district of Rome in … Continue reading

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The Third Sound release Photographs video

The Third Sound is the project of Icelandic musician Hákon Aðalsteinsson who used to play in cult Reykjavik rock’n’roll bandits Singapore Sling and currently plays in Brian Jonestown Massacre. Now residing in Berlin with a fleshed-out live line-up, The Third … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice – YYY – Ft. deM atlaS (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even in this day where cover versions, sampling and reworking of classic songs is the norm, there are some artists, to me anyway, whose music you plunder at your peril. Do not touch the Leonard Cohen collection unless you are … Continue reading

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Afloat – The NJE (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even on paper, The NJE, standing for Near Jazz Experience, is a fascinating concept. Horn led, jazz infused, pop/rock instrumentals, largely unrehearsed and improvised but built on some solid yet supple underlying grooves. But jazz for the purist this isn’t, … Continue reading

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Rainbows – A is for Atom (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If pop music often comes with the tag throw away and modern indie has become anything but independent being more concerned with the fame game as its denizens sport complicated hair and just the right brand of skinny jeans, then … Continue reading

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Who Shot Bukowski? – Jack of None (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something to be said for a band that you are able to fall in love with just because of what they seem like on paper, their ideas, their essence and their exotic nature. A band built around three … Continue reading

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Early Demos and Unfinished Nonsense – Skeleton Dance (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Good music paints pictures with sound. Great music conjures scenes from imaginary stories. Then there is music such as is found in this collection of songs that seems to spring to life like a soundtrack to a movie yet to … Continue reading

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Are You Having Fun? – Martyrials (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

How many bands does it take make a movement? Maybe two is enough, it is certainly enough for a pincer movement so for now let’s consider this less a gathering of the like-minded clans and more a two-pronged attack on … Continue reading

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Goodbye – Equinox – feat. Dementio 13 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some music is easily placed, its nature, function and inspirations are worn very visibly on its sleeve. And then there is music which inhabits more interesting spaces, where its nature is more fluid, the purpose less defined, music like that of … Continue reading

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