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Release – Christopher Rapkin (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As any album proudly bearing labels such as relaxation and meditation hoves into view, I have a tendency to brace for a salvo of head shop, whale noise nonsense and wind chime cacophony. But if more people working in such … Continue reading

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Many Colours – Colder (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Like much of the best music, whilst Colder wears its influences clearly on its sleeve, stark post-punk, early electro through to boundary pushing, modern, mood driven dance experimentations, it also manages to create its own plane of existence. That plane … Continue reading

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The Drive to Taxonomy – Craig Ward and Radboud Mens (Jezus Factory) reviewed by Dave Franklin.

I knew it wasn’t going to be an ordinary day. Not only did I manage to pick up some Philip K Dick anthologies in Oxfam and Karda Estra sent me their latest release inspired equally by 14th Century writer Giovanni … Continue reading

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Space of a Second – Nick Nicely (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If there is such a thing as “timeless” music then Nick Nicely is the ultimate timelord. Not only occasionally plundering the key working components that drove everything from 60’s psychedelia to 70’s pre-punk experimentalism to late eighties Shoegazing but also … Continue reading

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Sweet Jubilee – Nanook of The North. Reviewed by Dave Franklin

I knew that this day would come. I just didn’t know who would be the band acting as the messenger. It is the day when we finally have to abandon the tags, labels, comparisons and cross-references that in the past have … Continue reading

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New Third Lanark – Craig Ward

I have to confess that as I dropped the CD into the player I thought, “anything could happen in the next half hour.” Then again I tend to think something similar with every Jezus Factory release I receive, they is … Continue reading

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The Book of Secrets – Loreena McKennitt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Loreena McKennitt is not a household name for many, though she has been creating a very unique brand of music for many years, her first album, Elemental was released in 1985. The cover of 1997’s release, Book of Secrets, does … Continue reading

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Mantrasphere – Mantrasphere (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

History has shown that mixing music and spirituality rarely pays off. The results are largely shallow, new age kitsch at best or stiff necked, pompous Bible bashing at worst. It takes a deft musical hand, a sincere heart and clear … Continue reading

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