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Flux – Anomie Belle (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Timeless is a word that is banded around all too readily, mainly applied to music which has stood the test of time but which largely sounds very much of its era. Isn’t that more to do with survival and comfort … Continue reading

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Artist Profile – Illacrimo

Illacrimo are the perfect band for the post-genre world, wandering effortlessly as they do between musical styles. Whilst they have one foot firmly planted in a slick alternative rock vibe it is what they gather around that which sets them … Continue reading

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Infernal Spheres – Karda Estra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Richard Wileman has used the Karda Estra musical mode of transport to explore some very interesting places over the years. From progressive landscapes, taut horrific scores, dark noir-ish themes and even the death of galaxies, and the music always matches … Continue reading

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The Semi-Hollow – Les Robot (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I know I’m always searching for music that is pushing new boundaries, testing the limits, fusing disparate threads into new forms and making truly creative inroads towards new sonic pastures. Occasionally you find it in the fleeting corners of more … Continue reading

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Any Joy – Adam Scott Glasspool (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Modern technology has presented a lot of new sonic possibilities, even for the grassroots, jobbing musician. A guitar is no longer just a guitar, a voice more than a voice and I recall seeing Adam Scott Glasspool demonstrating this concept … Continue reading

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The String Quartets – Jethro Tull (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If ever there was a contemporary band whose music was the perfect subject matter for arrangement for string quartet, it is Jethro Tull. There was always a classical feel to many of the original arrangements, especially during their progressive-folk heyday … Continue reading

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Reflections of Love – Les Fradkin (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

New Age music is one of those categories that are so broad as to almost not have any consensus of definition. If, however, you use it to classify music, which is used to create an inspiring, relaxing and uplifting environment … Continue reading

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