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Schism –  On The Wane (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If the music which, often to the chagrin of the artists in question, became known as gothic was born out of the post-punk crucible, part the echoing of early punk urges, part embracing the electronic experiments that futurists and Blitz … Continue reading

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Stone Tape – The Telescopes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The word drone has some very negative connotations, a word associated with dull, monotonous or consistently boring sound by most people. But The Telescopes are nothing if not arch-dream weavers of the sounds that others are afraid to explore, the delvers … Continue reading

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Sleep Safari – Nick Nicely (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If in the past I have described Nick’s work as being drifting and dreamlike, his latest album, Sleep Safari, is the logical extension of those signature sounds being nothing less than an exploration of the lucid dream state, a homage … Continue reading

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Human Giving – Darto (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What I’m still trying to fathom out is how Darto manage to sound both bucolic and anthemic at the same time. How can songs, which seem to be pastoral, gently chiming, sonorous lullabies through one ear, suddenly sound like they … Continue reading

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Tandi My Dicafi – Underlined Passages (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Indie-pop is a term so broad that it becomes almost meaningless. And even when it comes to the better end of the musical spectrum, if a band can be summed up with such a simple and singular term, it is … Continue reading

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The Moon Has Flown Away – Elliot Schneider (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Why wouldn’t you want to dip into an album with the brilliant and intriguing title of “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basketcase?” Come on, what’s the worst that could happen? And if, given the somewhat crazy and hippyish … Continue reading

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Room For The Others (and other singles) – A Shoreline Dream (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The past is a different country; they promote their musical releases differently there. And whilst there are lots of recognisable references shooting through A Shoreline Dream’s hazy, neo-shoegazing, the idea of releasing each track on their planned album as a … Continue reading

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