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Mission –  Gonetcha (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Starting an album review of a band which, up until this point, you knew nothing about, is an interesting thing to undertake. You go into it without any preconceptions, any detailed back story and knowing that anything could greet you … Continue reading

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A Million Machines –  A Million Machines (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Future predictions rarely hold true, if they did we would all have personal jet packs, be living on the moon or in the dark dystopian city scapes envisioned in Blade Runner. But predicting the future is just what we love … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCXV: My Metallic Dream – Cyborg Asylum

If Science Fiction in print and on the screen has been the perfect vehicle for discussing and exploring ideas of where society is headed and what the future might look like, it was the Blitz Kids and the New Romantics … Continue reading

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Open Eyes – Audio Citizen (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’ve always been very defensive of the eighties as a musical decade; it represents my formative years, my musical education and as such shaped my tastes, attitudes and my very being. It’s why I get riled over the frequent re-writing … Continue reading

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