Do You Dream? – Møons (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Writing this at the time of a worldwide lockdown, we are starting to see more clearly the things which really matter. Just as it is underpaid medical staff and not the CEO’s or bankers who will get us through these times, so it is grassroots music which is providing the most direct and intimate contact... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with Johanna Kuvaja

Both “Shower” and “Back For Good” seem to tap into a 90’s pop heyday as much as they do the modern chart sound, was that an intentional move or is that just what seemed to come naturally from the songwriting process? Johanna Kuvaja: All my songs come out naturally without thinking about the genre, style... Continue Reading →

Diane Coffee Shares New Single “The Letdown

In anticipation of their forthcoming tour dates with The New Pornographers, the ever-evolving spectacle that is Diane Coffee has announced a brand new single, and their first since 2019's Internet Arms – "The Letdown". Explaining the origins behind the new track, Diane Coffee singer/songwriter and band leader Shaun Fleming shared the following – “I originally wrote “The... Continue Reading →

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