Wide Awake and Waiting – Palm Ghosts (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I've said it before and I’ll say it again, “sun-damaged American music” is a pretty apt description of the sound Palm Ghosts make. At once vague and accurate, a description which doesn’t really tell you much going in but which in hindsight is the perfect summation, and Wide Awake and Waiting is another chapter in... Continue Reading →

A Projection release Lucy Shrine ahead of new full album release

The post-punk/indie/goth act A Projection formed in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, and have released two albums to date - ‘Exit’ (2015) and ‘Framework’ (2017). The band’s brand new album, ‘Section’, arrives following a period of reinvention after the departure of their original singer, with former bassist Rikard Tengvall eventually proving to be a more than adequate replacement behind the mic.... Continue Reading →

Muet – Muet (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

It’s impressive when a band can set the tone and mood so quickly, Chicago-based post punk band Muet do this within the first ten seconds of their debut self-titled album and it’s an atmosphere of a cool movie, of neon lights, wet alleyways, shared secrets in doorways, broken hearts and rejection but also one with... Continue Reading →

Blast From The Past : Marquee Moon – Television

Television were a fixture of Gotham’s 1970s downtown punk scene, and mainstay of iconic East Village club CBGB’s, alongside groups like The Velvet Underground. Their debut album, Marquee Moon, was recorded in 1976 following frontman Richard Hell’s unceremonious departure from the band. Though it achieved moderate critical and commercial success when it was released 42... Continue Reading →

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