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The Moral Crossing – AUTOBAHN (Reviewed by Thomas Haynes)

AUTOBAHN have created an ambitious album that comfortably sits beside the darker parts of Brian Jonestown Massacre with moments of purposeful hesitation that underpin the self-doubt and uncertainties inherent in understanding the moral crossing. _______________________________________________________ Something dark and near biblical … Continue reading

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Offerings  –  Typhoon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This fourth album from Typhoon sees them caught in an eternal creative struggle and Offerings sits at a wonderful crossroads. In one direction the road leads to commercial success but they often seem to be moving in the opposite direction … Continue reading

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In My Veins  –  1921 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Just as some of the best and most unique experiences happen when you go off grid, as it were, where the road runs out and turns to green, when art runs out of rules to follow; music often only truly … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard  – CCXXIX: The River  –  Sky Orchid (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sky Orchid is a band that could only really exist today, who make a sound which whilst using familiar musical tools and sound palettes feel part of a post-genre world. A world were tribal divides and musical demarcations are long … Continue reading

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Lies! Lies! Lies! –  Nick Harper and The Wilderness Kids (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In a world that seems to be brimming over with guys with guitars, pop troubadours and fey, indie-folksters it would be very wrong to place Nick Harper anywhere amongst their ranks. Yes, he is a guy. Okay, he has a … Continue reading

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Field Theory –  Broads (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Somewhere around the halfway point of the effervescent Climbs, the first calling card from this new album, I realised that I wished I still took drugs! There is something about their wonderful musical chemistry experiments, their mixing of hypnotic background … Continue reading

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Thanks to The Moth and Areanna Rose –  The Veldt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I continue to be amazed by The Veldt’s ability to similtaniously shimmer yet saunter, chime but groove. How do you even do that? On the one hand they play with sounds which seem built of almost intangible, ethereal qualities, the … Continue reading

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Orbs of Light – Beto Hale (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The fact that Beto Hale discovered the Beatles at a young and impressionable age is indelibly woven into the heart of this album. Whilst not always obviously Beatle-esque, the album seems to often think in similar ways and certainly Orbs … Continue reading

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Human Giving – Darto (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What I’m still trying to fathom out is how Darto manage to sound both bucolic and anthemic at the same time. How can songs, which seem to be pastoral, gently chiming, sonorous lullabies through one ear, suddenly sound like they … Continue reading

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Ephemeral EP – Stephen Shutters (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If opening tracks on records (yes, I still call them records—get over it) are normally about setting the scene, giving the listener a taste of what they can expect, and as a by-product giving lazy journalists, such as myself, a … Continue reading

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