Carousel – The Orange Kyte (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Whilst some bands may sound as if they are stealing from the past, The Orange Kyte sound like they live there. Or at least have occasional use of an apartment with commanding views of an acid-laced, psychedelic, musical time. Chronology may suggest that they are at the modern end of a time-line which runs back... Continue Reading →

Desert Mountain tribe hit the road

London based alternative/indie rock trio Desert Mountain Tribe released their second album, ‘Om Parvat Mystery’, in June. Co-produced by the band with James Aparicio, it was recorded in London and the Faroe Islands.    The band play a handful of UK shows in September as they continue to promote the new album, prior to heading off to mainland Europe where they will spend much... Continue Reading →

Orions Belte share new single ‘Joe Frazier’

Orions Belte have released a final preview ahead of their debut album 'Mint' which is out via Jansen on August 17th. The single Joe Frazier' begins bluesy but fuses dreamy-indie vocals to soundtrack the surreal video, created by Steph Hope. Louder (Team Rock) described the video as "all jerkily-drawn scenes of urban dread and psychedelic angst​". The last single to... Continue Reading →

Yehan Jehan releases new single Future Ringtone

Written, recorded and produced himself, Yehan Jehan's new single ‘Future Ringtone’ is the work of an assured craftsman with a preferred set of sonic parameters. Born in London to Bosnian parents, the 24 year old’s handsomely scuffed vocals and inventive melodies are met with a rhythmic vocabulary that draws equally and naturally from psych rock, funk and soul. A sublime... Continue Reading →

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