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Scene and Heard – CCLIV : Deeper –  Kenny Fame (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You have to admire Kenny Fame’s ability to explore his chosen genre, to push into the extremes of the commercial and the unconventional alike. If 2016’s An Intimate Portrait was a collection of progressive R&B, an album which mixed fragile … Continue reading

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Deadline to Breadline – Lo-Fi Rebels (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is some music which, going on titles alone, begs more questions than answers. A band called, for example, Splat! could turn out to be almost anything musically. Similarly Doctor Bongo’s Electric Herring leaves you similarly bemused at what might … Continue reading

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Thanks to The Moth and Areanna Rose –  The Veldt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I continue to be amazed by The Veldt’s ability to similtaniously shimmer yet saunter, chime but groove. How do you even do that? On the one hand they play with sounds which seem built of almost intangible, ethereal qualities, the … Continue reading

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Incubus – Xeus  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The term urban music is, like pretty much every journalistic label, too general, too vague, too broad to be of any real use when it comes to discussing music and New York City artist Xeus is the perfect example of … Continue reading

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This Is Why –  Samie Bisaso (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is the most natural thing in the world to use music as a way of celebrating your faith, expressing your adoration and adherence and spreading the word which you hold dear. It is safe to say that it is … Continue reading

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Tricks – Amita (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If your vision of pop is as a music box of shiny, vibrant and boisterous sounds, Amita opens your eyes to a wonderful new way of working in that genre. She takes the accessibility and simple elegance of modern pop … Continue reading

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Drunk –  Johnny Crown (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If R&B is built around sleekness and Hip-Hop comes from an edgier place then they find perfect union in Johnny Crown’s musical creations. D’Usse (other brands of Cognac are also available), the first single from the album Drunk, blends a … Continue reading

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Another Man’s Woman – Kenny Fame (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The last time Kenny Fame crossed my path it was with his wonderfully adventurous e.p. An Intimate Portrait, a collection of songs which really explored what modern R&B could be about. And if then he toyed with nu-jazz, soul, progressive … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CCXII: Joy To The Girl – Nick Black

Well, if that isn’t the feel good hit of the summer I’d like to know what is! As earnest heroes of indie crank out earnest indie songs, rockers master their clichéd poses and pop divas suggest pointless dance routines which … Continue reading

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The Drunken Buddhist – Nick Driver (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It isn’t often that you stick an album on only to find track one being a cross between an advert for the music to follow, an admonishment of the listener about the cultural effects of not paying for music and … Continue reading

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