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Keep Your Head Up  –  Skorpioh (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If the likes of Drake and Kanye West represent a current point on a musical timeline that started with the hip-hop experimentation in the South Bronx of the early 70’s, then Skorpioh sits at a similar point with respect to … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCLXVII : La Reina Cubana by Go Go Satish (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something boundless about Go Go Satish (aka Satish Dat Beast) music and it comes as no surprise that his own personal story is one that has seen him grow up and travel in many different and varied cultures, … Continue reading

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I’m Not Spinning –  Flat Earth People Music (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s funny how the idea of a flat earth has become a major point of contention, a stand against academia, experts and scientific thought. I’m not really sure where these particular Flat Earth People stand, whether they are for, against … Continue reading

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Great Western Reggae Soundclash –  Erin Bardwell Collective vs. Friends, Guests and Studio Stars (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Certain genres of music are, quite stereotypically, associated with certain themes. Punk and reggae with political issues, rock with escapist high drama, folk with history and traditions and ska, and its UK offspring two-tone, often with social commentary, civil rights … Continue reading

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Thnx For The Ride – Rhett Repko (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I always knew that there was something a bit special about Rhett Repko. If Where You Ever Really Mine? hinted at the eclectic and adventurous nature of his musical thought process, this new offering really hammers that point home. Last … Continue reading

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Tropical Soul – Holly Holden Y Su Banda (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

When the term “world music” crept into the public consciousness it tended to be the domain of a certain type of guy (and it generally was a guy). One who would use the fact that you hadn’t heard of a … Continue reading

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Tribal Wave – The Tribe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Right from the first few bars of the titular opening track, The Tribe set out a stall of street soul vibes, dance grooves, funky back beats and ska guitar lines. But more than that there is a sunshine warmth and … Continue reading

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Proper Gander – The Inexplicables (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In most music you can find a reference, a point of origin that lies at the heart of any band, one which consciously, or otherwise, gives us lazy journalists an easy hook upon which to hang our reviewing hat. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Exploding Universe – The Brainiac 5 (Reckless Records) reviewed by Dave Franklin

If you can tell the character of a man by the company he keeps, then you can tell a lot about a band by the references they juggle. One quoting Beefheart, Gertrude Stein and G.I. Gurdjieff, lyrically spouting a wonderful … Continue reading

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Reggie Riot – Reginald Road (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Not all music needs to push forward and storm the barricades; some is content to celebrate a past time, place or attitude. Reginald Road do just that. It’s 1977, punk is reaching escape velocity from its inner city breeding ground … Continue reading

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