Halasana Girl – Darshae Kiér (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something wonderfully infectious about the Reggaetron grooves and easy rhythms that ooze out of Darshae Kiér ’s latest release. Reggae has always had a back end sound which is hard to not be beguiled by and the dance floor has always been driven by beats which make you want to move. Halasana Girl... Continue Reading →

Echo Town new album and tour dates

Arriving on 5th October 2018 as the eagerly awaited follow-up to their benchmark album, 2016's ‘Be Strong Troop On’, the dynamic duo of Richard & Robert Harrison make their return and clearly mean business. A fusion of molten rock wig-outs, frenzied acoustica, riled-up reggae, and bastardised blues; ‘Kin’ is one hissing cauldron brimful of budding... Continue Reading →

Great Western Reggae Soundclash –  Erin Bardwell Collective vs. Friends, Guests and Studio Stars (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Certain genres of music are, quite stereotypically, associated with certain themes. Punk and reggae with political issues, rock with escapist high drama, folk with history and traditions and ska, and its UK offspring two-tone, often with social commentary, civil rights and unity. So gathering the great and good of ska, rocksteady and reggae to record... Continue Reading →

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