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A Tribute To The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds – YYY (reviewed by Thomas Haynes)

Step into a swirling, warping re-imagining of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds constructed with analog synths, glitchy vocal effects, trip hop beats, and kitten samples… plentiful kitten samples. _____________________________________________________________ I was a tad apprehensive about listening to a full LP … Continue reading

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The Nothing – The Last Dinosaur (reviewed by Thomas Haynes)

This album was a mystery to me when I picked it up. There weren’t any identifying features to who created this album, no band name and no title (which might be different in the general release, I guess). The front … Continue reading

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Odyssey – Diagonal People (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The choice of title for Diagonal People’s debut release seems quite resonant considering what is found within. Classical scholars will know The Odyssey as that meandering ten-year adventure which took its homeward bound hero through unexpected trials and tribulations. Readers … Continue reading

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Throws (reviewed by Thomas Haynes)

Throws’ debut album documents an Icelandic adventure through a range of musical styles with soulful vocals and awkward drum beats. The resultant noises can be compared to The XX, slower Super Furry Animal numbers and The Polyphonic Spree. Throws is … Continue reading

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Who Cares What The Laser Says? – White Wine (reviewed by Thomas Haynes)

White Wine’s new album ‘Who Cares What The Laser Says?’ is a twisted broken treat to listen to. Joe Haege’s antagonistic vocal delivery flashes over the synths and awkward beats and the lyrics are well written and delivered. His angst … Continue reading

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Grandfeathered – Pinkshinyultrablast (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Whilst the whole shoegaze/dream pop revival is building up major momentum here in the UK, with bands such as Ride and Lush making a comeback to the live circuit, Everything Else Matters, the debut album by the excellently named Pinkshinyultrablast … Continue reading

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Early Risers – Soldiers of Fortune (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Soldiers of Fortune was created to be an anti-band, one that was against the disciplined routines and rules that bands appear to have to adhere to get anywhere. The plan was not to practice, record a record, hit the road … Continue reading

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Vieux Loup – The Acorn (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

After three albums and nearly ten years steering the musical ship, by 2011 Rolf Klausener felt as if he had lost perspective on his musical vehicle, The Acorn, felt trapped, exhausted, out of control. The result was a musical hiatus … Continue reading

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The Occident – Town Portal (Small Pond Recordings) reviewed by Dave Franklin

I’ve always maintained that bands who make great music but fail to deliver the goods lyrically are missing an opportunity, building themselves a platform and then finding that they have nothing worth saying when they stand on that musical podium. … Continue reading

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Modern Phenomena – Northern American (Heist or Hit records) reviewed by Dave Franklin

It has always fascinated me how bands from the same geographical location interpret their surroundings through wildly different sounds and styles. Whilst Casey Fallon describes Los Angeles backstreets through a melancholic cinematic haze and Deap Valley lead a charge of … Continue reading

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