Let Your Hair Down –  Pointdexter (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Somewhere at a point where soul and rock, jazz and blues all collide, you find Pointdexter. Their sound is created not so much by the colliding of those sonic worlds themselves, but more out of the mixed and cross-pollinated remains once the initial big bang has subsided. As the dust clears what appears is a... Continue Reading →

Diane Coffee Shares New Single “The Letdown

In anticipation of their forthcoming tour dates with The New Pornographers, the ever-evolving spectacle that is Diane Coffee has announced a brand new single, and their first since 2019's Internet Arms – "The Letdown". Explaining the origins behind the new track, Diane Coffee singer/songwriter and band leader Shaun Fleming shared the following – “I originally wrote “The... Continue Reading →

Where Do The Children Play – Sovereign Sounds

The world turning around us is becoming an ever more opinionated, polarized and divided place. Amidst the cacophony of 24/7 news coverage designed more to entertain than to inform, political correctness has taken center stage. In this maelstrom stirred up by unscrupulous politicians more concerned with maintaining the status quo than the welfare of their... Continue Reading →

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