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Scene and Heard – CCCXXXX : Big Tim –  Izzy The Cat (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’m going to break out one of my go-to and possibly made up words now. Ready? Groovesome! I’m not sure if you will find it in the dictionary but it is exactly the right word for Izzy The Cat’s blend … Continue reading

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A Dream –  Ultratone (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There are some bands that make music which sits in a wonderfully, non-generic middle ground. I don’t mean that in dismissive way, suggesting perhaps there is something middle of the road or predictable about these bands. Quite the opposite. I’m … Continue reading

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Sergeant Thunderhoof – Terra Solus (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Ooh, I love a bit of old-fashioned, honest-as-dirt rock, so it’s with refreshing delight that Bath band Sergeant Thunderhoof find their way into my car stereo. What immediately grabs you is the way this band hold themselves, the whole album … Continue reading

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Mind The Ether  – Shaman Elect (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s very easy to judge books by covers, or in this case bands by titles and upon seeing both the name of the band and the album, I have to confess that thoughts of some sort of dreadlocked, hippie-esque, stoner … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCCXXXX : Two Sides – Bitter Grounds (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I didn’t realise that bands were still making music like this but I’m rather glad that they are. In an age where punk seems largely about rose-tinted nostalgia trips, alt-rock is all about getting just the right brand of skinny … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCCXXXIX : Not What I Want –  Jackie Dope (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Revelling in the past is all very well and good but the best music, or at least the most original,  seems to be made as people move things forward. It’s evolution, it’s forward-thinking, it is the way the world turns. … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCCXXXVIII : Black – MusicBySire (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is made for many different reasons. It can be fun, celebratory and throw-away, it can be deep, meaningful and poignant, it can be everything in between. More and more often I am find an increasing amount of music coming … Continue reading

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Boy. Inside – D.Ni.L (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is one thing to use the age old line that music saved you, acted as a form of redemption and was the catalyst to turn your life around. It is a concept that has become so linked to the … Continue reading

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Half A Century  – Butsenzeller (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Imagine if jazz had evolved from the New Romantic synth experimentation of the late 70’s or that punk had been instigated after the invention of the affordable synthesiser or even that computers had been programmed to write acoustic pop songs. … Continue reading

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Restless  –  John Forrester (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As Forrester sings “I need to work for me and not for them” on New Season, you quickly get to the heart of this album, though the title itself is a pretty good guide in itself. The life of being … Continue reading

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