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Los Weekend –  Slang (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

From the punningly clever title and the vibes emanating from the cover, it is obvious that this is no mere return to the rock based journeys that formed last years Growing Wild. And as I said at the time, even … Continue reading

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Sfardo  –  Alessio Bondi (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Listening to an album in a language that you are not fluent in (I’m English, most of us barely have a handle on our own language let alone those of our neighbours) is a bit like watching a subtitled film. … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CXC: Hard Bargain – Chris Murphy

Folk music, roots music, world music, Americana…all terms which only go a very small way to describing what Chris Murphy does, for in many ways they are terms far too loaded down with implication to do the job efficiently. This … Continue reading

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Sacred Earth – Sharon Shannon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

None other than Louis Armstrong keenly observed that “All music is folk music, I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song,” and in his colloquially rich and triple negative way, he was right. If folk music is music by … Continue reading

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A Sound Inve$tment – Tony Marino (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Twenty years and nine albums down the line from his debut release, The Latin Jazz Project, and Tony Marino is still expertly exploring the boundaries and back roads of that genre. This new album takes instrumental excursions through myriad sub-genres, … Continue reading

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Dengue Fever announce deluxe re-issues

Los Angeles based Cambodian and American rock band Dengue Fever  announced today that they are set to begin a deluxe reissue campaign to release the bands long out-of-print back catalog via their own Tuk Tuk Records. Both critically acclaimed titles … Continue reading

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Protectors – Standing Rock Benefit Album (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

  The original intention was to come at this album purely from a musical perspective – explore, discuss, opine just the musical factors that are found within it. But however hard you try to detach cause from result, it becomes an … Continue reading

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Dreams of Hydrogen Days – Echo Park Orchestra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Echo Park Orchestra have a gift that is rarely found in contemporary music, to be able to take extremes and weave them together into a middle ground experience that ticks more boxes than you were even expecting to be presented … Continue reading

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Running Away With The Circus – Trans- Siberian March Band (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If the universe is indeed infinite as those clever types on BBC 2 shows are always trying to explain to my less than comprehending brain, then there must be a place where traditional Balkan folk tunes and first generation British … Continue reading

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Shifting Mirrors – Blaak Heat (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Yes, I’m always banging on about how pointless generic tags and labels are, especially in this largely post genre world. But then again when I pick up a press release for a band described as “Parisian avant-garde psych desert metal” … Continue reading

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