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Half A Century  – Butsenzeller (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Imagine if jazz had evolved from the New Romantic synth experimentation of the late 70’s or that punk had been instigated after the invention of the affordable synthesiser or even that computers had been programmed to write acoustic pop songs. … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCLXIII : Live it Up – DJ Rebel & Nick Dillinger (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even though dance music might be compartmentalised into numerous sub-genres, those smaller musical territories still cover a broad range of sounds. House music wanders widely between pumping and vibrant techno driven beats and the more progressive and often intricate and … Continue reading

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Night of The Hunter – Creature With The Atom Brain (Waste My Records) reviewed by Dave Franklin

Although initially a one-man recording project for Aldo Struyf between tours with Millionaire and The Mark Lanegan Band, Creature With The Atom Brain soon became a fully-fledged band of musicians with a heritage that threaded through the likes of Evil … Continue reading

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Seqs & Drums & Rockin’ Synths – Butsenzeller (Jezus Factory) Reviewed by Dave Franklin

The only thing that surprises me anymore with  Jezus Factory releases is just when you think that they have put out the most bizarre record you have ever heard, they  manage to raise their own warped benchmark. Not that the core … Continue reading

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Rubies and Ruffians – Strumpets (Jezus Factory)

Considering the musical endeavors the various members of Strumpets have on their musical CV (The Parallels, iH8 Camera and close connections to the heart of the Antwerp experimental cutting edge) Rubies and Ruffians is probably not what you expect it … Continue reading

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