Dirty Dollars Reloaded, ft. Breeze,Yeaux Majesty, Noah Archangel & J Hope – Houey Freeman (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Southern hip-hop collective Band of The Hawk is back with a new slice of their unique blend of urban cool. Dirty Dollars Reloaded displays their usual confident and complex raps, crossing vocalist one minute, harmonising the next, a mix of smoothness and dexterous tangents all set to chilled, hypnotic grooves, a trippy-trap percussive vibe and... Continue Reading →

Scene and Heard  –  CCXXV : Black Lotus. –  Noah Archangel (ft. Yeax Majesty, Juskwam, DJ Thruvo –  Band of The Hawk)

Music always seems more convincing when it is backed up with a gang mentality, that, “us against the world” ethic that all the best outfits possess and Southern Hip-Hop collective Band of The Hawk carry just such an attitude effortlessly. Whereas hip-hop, like many genres which come from a more underground place, seems to have... Continue Reading →

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