The Delicate Balance of All Things – Beauty in Chaos ft. Wayne Hussey (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’m never sure if Michael Ciravolo deftly steers his musical vehicle, Beauty in Chaos, into the sonic waters of the various guests he works with or if he instead trusts them to put their stamp on the music he is making. I suspect that the answer lays somewhere between both approaches but however he gets... Continue Reading →

Behind the Beauty and the Chaos!

Beauty in Chaos, in collaboration with Jammer Direct and Jammerzine, announces the film ‘Behind the Beauty: Remixing the Chaos’, which premiered on Jammer Direct. This marks two milestones for Jammer Direct – this documentary is their first film project and it’s release also helped launch Jammer Direct's official Roku channel this month. This film takes you behind... Continue Reading →

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