New Music of the Day – CCX: Miles Above the Baseline – I, Symptom

16684310_775792522568868_7570770905820870520_nThe mercurially named I, Symptom continue their singular quest to explore the point of impact between dystopian electronica and trashy post-punk forms. But whereas last time around Triple Exclamation Mark was a blend of urgent warped rock and driven, dance orientated sounds, this time they offer up a slow burning, trippy meander through the solar system and beyond, hypnotic and transcendent. It is built on the use of restraint and anticipation, woven from clinical modernity and old-school musicianship.

As always there is intelligent observation and poignant thought at the heart of the music, here wrestling with the idea that the physicality of leaving earth for space exploration may be the easy bit and it is that emotional attachment which is going to be the hard part to deal with.

This is the continuation of the Major Tom discussion which Bowie began with Space Oddity and which the likes of Elton John cheaply appropriated with Rocket Man as so many others have also tried to do. This is man against the vastness of space, Isaac Asimov as a modern day electro-symphony this is also the meeting of musical worlds, something I, Symptom does very well.



New Music of the Day – CLXVI: Triple Exclamation Mark – I, Symptom

16601593_775792425902211_5709475709513316526_oThe post-genre musical world is a fantastic place. If punk broke the dominance of the powers-that-be, who largely played by the rules then the period that followed created all sorts of musical tribes and generic affiliations and it is possibly only in the last decade that we have seen a return to punks disregard for musical convention. We now have music being made by a wave of people who are less about ripping up the rulebook but instead have grown up totally unaware that there even was one. It means that wonderful musical gene splicing experiments are the norm, different genres can infect each other to create strange new sonic Chimera, it is a world where anything goes, it is the world built for the music of I, Symptom.


Triple Exclamation Mark is the perfect musical storm, one that welds rock urgency onto ecstatic dance grooves, matches speed-fuelled synths against incendiary garage rock guitars, is both claustrophobic and atmospherically glitchy and results in a song that is as muscle bound and robust as it is infectious and euphoric.

Genres, labels and musical tribal allegiances are things of the past, a pre-enlightenment way of operating, and a folly of the past. Take away the strictures of tradition and expectation and the results can be truly astonishing.


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