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Scene and Heard – CCCXXIII Acid Fetus –  Silent Disco Sex (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The role of creativity is many and varied, to inform, to entertain, to reassure, to challenge, to confound, to frighten. If you find some of your preferences in the second half of that list then the wonderfully named Silent Disco Sex … Continue reading

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Break Once Again – Blacklight (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blacklight wanders a world lit by the argon soaked glamour of up-market night clubs and neon glare of illicit, down town, basement parties, a world where the fashionable and the favoured dance side by side with the cult clubber and … Continue reading

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Sideways Love –  Superbig (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The world is a small, and indeed random, place. Sometime in the early nineties a younger, slimmer and more impressionable version of myself bumped into Chip Z Nuff, then co-driver of psychedelic, sleazy pop-rock musical vehicle Enuff Z’Nuff, loitering about … Continue reading

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Everybody Move –  Man Called Noon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Life affirming, that’s what this is! It is a term which gets banded about a lot but there is something so positive, so infectious, so groovesome, so…well, great, that there is really no other term for it. At a collision … Continue reading

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Who Shot Bukowski? – Jack of None (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something to be said for a band that you are able to fall in love with just because of what they seem like on paper, their ideas, their essence and their exotic nature. A band built around three … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CXCIV: Too Bad – Elle Casazza

As if to support my seemingly endless narrative about this being a “post-genre” era, along comes Chicago chantress Elle Casazza to musically underline my point with a big red marker pen. Too Bad makes the argument more succinctly than my … Continue reading

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Soft Ledges – Soft Ledges (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a fine line to be walked when making music in the dark, atmospheric realms that Soft Ledges inhabit. Step too far into the gloom and the music enters the po-faced, theatrical world of goth, too far the other … Continue reading

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Nite Fields US Tour

Nite Fields return with a new single and a forthcoming album and those in the USA will be pleased to hear that they have announced a North American tour. The dates are as follows. 03.10 Brooklyn @ Sunnyvale 03.11 Chicago, … Continue reading

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Fuel Yer Delusion – Vol. 4 – Mutts (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Writing exclusively about your own local music scene can be a stifling experience. Still, you have to pay the bills somehow. You review one band or write about a particular venue and another accuses you of favouritism, you pick one … Continue reading

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