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Break Once Again – Blacklight (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blacklight wanders a world lit by the argon soaked glamour of up-market night clubs and neon glare of illicit, down town, basement parties, a world where the fashionable and the favoured dance side by side with the cult clubber and … Continue reading

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Sideways Love –  Superbig (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The world is a small, and indeed random, place. Sometime in the early nineties a younger, slimmer and more impressionable version of myself bumped into Chip Z Nuff, then co-driver of psychedelic, sleazy pop-rock musical vehicle Enuff Z’Nuff, loitering about … Continue reading

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Everybody Move –  Man Called Noon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Life affirming, that’s what this is! It is a term which gets banded about a lot but there is something so positive, so infectious, so groovesome, so…well, great, that there is really no other term for it. At a collision … Continue reading

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Who Shot Bukowski? – Jack of None (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something to be said for a band that you are able to fall in love with just because of what they seem like on paper, their ideas, their essence and their exotic nature. A band built around three … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CXCIV: Too Bad – Elle Casazza

As if to support my seemingly endless narrative about this being a “post-genre” era, along comes Chicago chantress Elle Casazza to musically underline my point with a big red marker pen. Too Bad makes the argument more succinctly than my … Continue reading

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Soft Ledges – Soft Ledges (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a fine line to be walked when making music in the dark, atmospheric realms that Soft Ledges inhabit. Step too far into the gloom and the music enters the po-faced, theatrical world of goth, too far the other … Continue reading

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Nite Fields US Tour

Nite Fields return with a new single and a forthcoming album and those in the USA will be pleased to hear that they have announced a North American tour. The dates are as follows. 03.10 Brooklyn @ Sunnyvale 03.11 Chicago, … Continue reading

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Fuel Yer Delusion – Vol. 4 – Mutts (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Writing exclusively about your own local music scene can be a stifling experience. Still, you have to pay the bills somehow. You review one band or write about a particular venue and another accuses you of favouritism, you pick one … Continue reading

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