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Scene and Heard – CCXCVIII : Bad Gyal – Sarah Musayimuto (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Let’s start with some generalisations. Music isn’t concerned with cultural or geographical boundaries any more. We live in a post-genre world. The best music ignores rules and regulations and mixes and matches its sounds and style as it choses. It … Continue reading

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She is Lost – The Foreign Resort (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I love music that acts as your own personal time machine; able to take you back to a time and a place, and evoke the sounds and styles of that particular point on your personal timeline. She is Lost does … Continue reading

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The Occident – Town Portal (Small Pond Recordings) reviewed by Dave Franklin

I’ve always maintained that bands who make great music but fail to deliver the goods lyrically are missing an opportunity, building themselves a platform and then finding that they have nothing worth saying when they stand on that musical podium. … Continue reading

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