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Scene and Heard – CCCXXV: Little Harwood –  Echoglass (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In the parlance of the younger and hipper than myself, “What’s not to like?” When it comes to bands as interesting, eclectic and wonderfully disarming as Echoglass the answer is, well, nothing. ‘Scuse the double negative. Firstly when listing the … Continue reading

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Memories –  Echoglass  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Drowning saw Echoglass playing with subtle balladry, Blackburn Boulevard took a more indie-pop route and Last To Know wandered some wonderfully Americana musical pathways, Memories seems to tie all those ends together. It has depth yet sass, it tugs … Continue reading

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Last To Know –  Echoglass  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

And just when you have Echoglass pegged in the broad indie-pop spectrum, when you think you have worked out their musical approach they go and throw a curve-ball. Not satisfied with just ploughing the same musical furrow, Last To Know … Continue reading

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Eyes  – Echoglass (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

One of the things I love about Echoglass is their ability to hop-across genres, mix and match styles and musical stances and still sound like themselves, a blend of sonic cohesion and musical exploration. Eyes sees them plying their trademark … Continue reading

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Blackburn Boulevard  – Echoglass (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If my first encounter with Echoglass caught their more thoughtful and mellow side with the slow burning and highly textural music of Drowning, Blackburn Boulevard sees them in more playful mood, musically anyway. Here, the medium is a sassy, indie … Continue reading

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Drowning  – Echoglass (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music can make big, bold statements, make obvious moves and play predictable cards but it is at its finest, in my opinion at least, when it is employing subtler and more supple techniques to engage the listener. That, is exactly … Continue reading

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