Ego Death – Emily Breeze (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Firstly, anything that comes with a Barry Adamson remix has to be worth a listen. But of course long before you get to that little bonus the mere fact that Ego Death is the latest sonic slice to come from Emily Breeze means that, irrespective of how many post-punk heroes you name check, it was always going to get the attention it deserved anyway. I guess by now the only thing we can expect from this mercurial and brilliantly inventive artist is the unexpected and indeed Ego Death moves away from the, alternative lounge-noir of Limousines and heads down a strange and seductive soul path.

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Limousines – Emily Breeze (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

pasted image 0Emily Breeze always seemed to walk in a different world. Listen to Limousines and you can hear the lush decadence, the mix of sleaze and sophistication, the nocturnal cloak she wears, the vintage and the totally modern embracing, all of this liquifying and dripping through your speakers. It’s what she does…it’s who she is. As the focal point of Bristol’s dark post-punkers Candy Darling she suggested a world of faded screen icons, of the profound and the profane, of the dark underbelly of the glitz and glamour, now she seems to inhabit that world herself.

Limousines is a slow, brooding ballad, one where the beats do no more than give the song body and the music is happy to frame her beguiling tones as she spits sarcasm and world weary belligerence, jaded nostalgia and acerbic flippancy. The result is an instantly memorable slice of alt-rock melodrama, one that already feels like a late night, drunken go to, from the depths of your own record collection.

Add to that a haunting, warped and resonant reworking of Buddy Holly’s Raining in My Heart, a rendition which if you ignore the rigidity of time and space makes you question if this isn’t in fact the original which the bespectacled Texan decided to jolly up and miss the point, and you have the perfect calling card for the forth coming full album Rituals. On the basis of these two tracks all I can say is just take my money now, I’m already sold on it.

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