Still Alive  –  Fred Argir (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We know from the previous sonic salvo, I Don’t Feel It, that Fred Argir revels in, not just the sound of the guitar but its potential in the studio. He understands the fullness of its sonic spectrum from deftly picked acoustic to muscle-bound, over-driven electric and combines these various textures, intertwining layers and complimentary dynamics to build his songs.

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I Don’t Feel It – Fred Argir (reviewed by Dave Franklin)rock

It becomes obvious right  from the opening salvo of I Don’t Feel It that Fred Argir revels in the sound of the guitar. Some people are content to lay down a killer riff or weave through some deft melodics, maybe create hypnotic energy by throwing in a repetitive background phrase or heighten the song with some eloquent soloing. Fred Argir does all of that and more. It might sound like a bit of an overkill but somehow he manages to find enough space for each layer, each texture, each sonic line to breath as they all wrap around each other like four actors in a play each delivering their piece and then stepping out of the limelight to allow their fellows to do their job before returning to the literary affray.

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