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Top Ten Albums of The Year – 2017

Picking just ten albums out of the pack is always a tricky thing. This site has reviewed around 500 pieces of music this year from throw-away pop singles to album length progressive flights of fancy, from the well trodden grounds … Continue reading

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Methylene Blue  –  Jane Allison (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is strange, admittedly, but there is something quite enjoyable about a well-penned mournful song, something universal and comforting in its sad refrain and they don’t come much better than the dark, slow and majestic Another Prayer, a song of … Continue reading

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Just Another Girl – Jane Allison – reviewed by Dave Franklin

Americana is a term that is banded about all too easily, like roots or world music or terms such as celebrity, phrases like awesome and paradigm shifting. You could even argue that anything made outside of the USA can’t be … Continue reading

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