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Hatch – Grand Blue Heron (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I really don’t understand why Belgium is often looked at by the rest of Western Europe as being a place of conformity, dependability and, dare I say it, boredom. Not only have they given the world some quality Trappist ales … Continue reading

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Seqs & Drums & Rockin’ Synths – Butsenzeller (Jezus Factory) Reviewed by Dave Franklin

The only thing that surprises me anymore with  Jezus Factory releases is just when you think that they have put out the most bizarre record you have ever heard, they  manage to raise their own warped benchmark. Not that the core … Continue reading

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The Drive to Taxonomy – Craig Ward and Radboud Mens (Jezus Factory) reviewed by Dave Franklin.

I knew it wasn’t going to be an ordinary day. Not only did I manage to pick up some Philip K Dick anthologies in Oxfam and Karda Estra sent me their latest release inspired equally by 14th Century writer Giovanni … Continue reading

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