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Hexit – Hexit  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hexit is an album, and indeed a band, that you arrive at from different directions depending on which musical thread you pull at. The thread that drew me in was a Jim Johnston shaped one but the musical gathering that … Continue reading

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Three-Dimensional Living  –  Jim Johnston  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Time spent in Jim Johnston’s mercurial and beguiling musical world is never time wasted. We know by now that genres and other such journalistic short cuts aren’t really going to cut it, you could make a point that his music … Continue reading

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The 10 most popular posts of the year.

Everyone else is doing it so why not I. This end of year round up is one based purely on statistical factors, i.e. the most reader hits on the post, the idea of my personal preference is a moot point … Continue reading

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Most Read Articles of February ’15

Gold: After All The Wishing  – Jim Johnston “After All The Wishing really sees Jim Johnston up his game and even after the strange beauty of his previous solo outing he has again delivered something both weird and intoxicating, dangerously … Continue reading

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After All The Wishing – Jim Johnston (Rattlewatch Records) reviewed by Dave Franklin

If 2012’s Voyage of Oblivion mapped out a strange, detached and unsettling musical landscape, even that didn’t quite suggest the twisted grandeur and off kilter meanderings that the follow up album delivers. Generic labels are largely useless here as all … Continue reading

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