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Blue Room (re-mix) –  Jonathan Cavier (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If previous releases such as When You Come Around and Comes a Moment have shown Cavier to be the master of accessible, expertly wrought, commercially viable pop-rock, this re-mix of Blue Room from the recent album of the same name … Continue reading

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When You Come Around – Jonathan Cavier (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

After the country-tinged drive of Comes A Moment, Jonathan Cavier returns with something more straightforward pop and as it wafts past my senses I have finally managed to put my finger on the real power of his music. Yes, he … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CLXXII: Comes A Moment – Jonathan Cavier

One of the things I find myself on a bit of a mission to defend these days is that most mercurial of beasts…pop music! Okay, let me qualify that. The term pop has too long been sullied by production line, … Continue reading

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