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Return of The Split Lip –  The Judex (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The Judex is less a band, more a collection of contradictions, a whirling mass of opposites that somehow have managed to attract and believe me when I say that they are like few rock bands that have crossed your path, … Continue reading

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Call them a Band or call them a Gang: The wicked world of The Judex

Following on from writing about their recent release Kill White Lights we sat down for a bit of a chat to find out more about our favourite Philly garage rockers The Judex to find out more about where it all started, … Continue reading

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Kill White Lights –  The Judex (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It says something about the world around us when there are people who can name all of The Kardashians but who can’t name 5 congressional leaders, or know just how long it would take to ride from King’s Landing to…some … Continue reading

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Cult of Judex/Witchface – The Judex (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I remember waiting for Souixsie and The Banshees to play at a festival and being subjected to northern chancers The Farm playing a set looking and sounding like a bunch of construction workers running through bad and uninspiring karaoke tunes … Continue reading

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