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Infernal Spheres – Karda Estra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Richard Wileman has used the Karda Estra musical mode of transport to explore some very interesting places over the years. From progressive landscapes, taut horrific scores, dark noir-ish themes and even the death of galaxies, and the music always matches … Continue reading

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The Seas and The Stars – Karda Estra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Karda Estra has always provided the sound track to truly big ideas, deep thoughts and boundless expanse, so the latest attempt to “chronicle the collision between the Andromeda galaxy and our own Milky Way, the eventual end of everything, a … Continue reading

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Free Karda Estra album

Fans of truly progressive music will be thrilled to know that Richard Wileman, the man behind the mercurial Karda Estra, has just posted a free album on the bands Bandcamp page. Spanning over a decade of the bands evolutionary path, the … Continue reading

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Strange Relations – Karda Estra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Karda Estra is like a box of chocolates. Okay, Karda Estra is like a box of chocolates that has been through a blender and then served up on a plate whose colour, texture and even dimensions seem to mutate even … Continue reading

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Mondo Porfondo/New Worlds – Karda Estra

Some music is easy to pigeon hole for purpose. Music to dance to, music to chill out to, music that excites or soothes, makes a statement or just makes a pleasant noise. Composer Richard Wileman, under the title of Karda … Continue reading

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