Mentioned in Despatches –  1st Jan 2019

Because there just isn’t time to give everything we receive a full write up MiD aims to catch the best of the rest, give it a brief mention and point you to a place where you can discover the music yourself and make your own mind up.

Love You, I    Minx

45494876_910464189143681_3909126383523069952_nMINX is a female MC from the UK who’s been working back and forth between her native London and NYC, real name Madeleine Dunbar, she’s an extremely talented rapper, singer and song writer and she put out this over the Christmas period. Her latest release ‘Love You,I’ is her take on the ups and downs of a modern relationship, think Lily Allen and Monie Love having a party with Lauryn Hill and you’re half way there. This is the sound of a young woman with a lot to say and this is her time to say it.

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