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Docs – Leah Capelle (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Big issues are often channelled through seemingly innocuous, everyday actions, like trying to overcome insecurities and issues of self-confidence through material items. Wearing the right clothes and following fashions because you think it will make you fit in, that people … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCXVII: Better Off – Leah Capelle

The last time Leah Capelle crossed my path she was giving the music world a lesson in just how to match rock muscle with pop infectiousness to build the perfect pop-rock sound via the song Joshua. This time we find … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CLXXXIV- Joshua – Leah Capelle

Whilst I am a big believer in music which pushes boundaries, breaks new ground and makes weird musical leaps of faith, I am, like most people, a sucker for music firmly based in more comfortable zones, that just happens to … Continue reading

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