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Days Of No Immunity  –  Lewis Papier (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

One of the things I love about Mr P’s music, and there are many things, is that you certainly get value for money. Where others might deliver a groovy beat and a set of fun but ultimately throwaway lyrics, Lewis … Continue reading

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Save Your Seat –  Lewis Papier (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is made for many reasons, sometimes for commercial gain, sometimes as a rallying cry, maybe merely for fun or for theatrical or cinematic reasons. Possible the purest and most honourable reason is as a dedication, a tribute to a … Continue reading

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I Had a Zombie Conversation –  Lewis Papier  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I haven’t checked the statistics but I’m sure it would be a fair bet to say that Halloween is responsible for just as many seasonally gimmicky songs being thrust upon the unsuspecting public as Christmas is. Quick buck induced tunes … Continue reading

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