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I Wasn’t Looking For Love –  Matt Saxton (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Last month the wonderfully kooky Occam’s Razor, a strange blend of musical whimsy and archaic philosophical referencing, caught my ear and so it seemed only natural that when Matt Saxton’s latest full album saw the light of day it should … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes – John Johanna (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I didn’t realise people still made albums like this, but I’m damned glad that they do. Well, that John Johanna does anyway. Even before you immerse yourself in the music you encounter a mercurial air that hangs above its sonic … Continue reading

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Occam’s Razor  –  Matt Saxton (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’m always going to be a sucker for a song which mixes medieval philosophical principles with jaunty contemporary music, I can’t be the only one, I like my academia but I like it groovy. And that is just what Matt … Continue reading

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We Are The Wildlife – Brona McVittie (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is always a debate about how you move music on without losing the established base, how you offer something new, but not too new that you lose the people who you brought the last record. Unless you are deliberately … Continue reading

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Maintaining Dignity in Awkward Situations – The Penny Black Remedy (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Turn on any news channel and you might be forgiven for believing that the world is an ever more divided and divisive place, one whose denizens see our differences as a cause for alienation rather than celebration, a world focused … Continue reading

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Get Down Low –  RGRT – ft. Abel Miller (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Subgenres of music are often as fractured and singular as they are meaningless in their application, dance music in particular seems to be inventing new sonic tribes as fast as it can release new tracks. But play Get Down Low … Continue reading

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Seeds Riddim – Murder He Wrote (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s safe to say that Murder He Wrote knows his way around the dance music industry, from working with myriad game changing labels, including releasing his debut EP on the legendary Skint Records, remixes for Stanton Warriors and more recently … Continue reading

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Gourami – Fassine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Fassine has been leaving a trail of acoustic breadcrumbs like a musical Handsel and Gretel…but with an extra Handsel, all year. That enticing journey has finally paid off with this masterful collection of chilled and forward thinking tracks and whilst … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CCVI: Palio – Fassine

Fassine has been teasing us with chilled and sophisticated tracks accompanied by intriguing videos for months now as they pave the way for Gourami, the latest, long awaited full album. This last chapter before the big reveal sees them at … Continue reading

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Brilliant Light – Danny and The Champions of The World (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Danny and his Champ’ chaps have always been hard to pin down generically. Americana is always a label which raises its head and indeed they are, to a degree but not in the way that we normally associate with the … Continue reading

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