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Pow! – Big Toast and Jack Diggs (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Any track that is topped and tailed with the strains of Withnail and I wins my respect irrespective of what they do to fill the space between those soundbites. For these are clearly people of taste and didn’t a wise … Continue reading

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As Long As Needed and No Longer – Mat Caron (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although essentially just another guy with an acoustic guitar, singer-songwriter these days, Mat Caron seems miles removed from the usual gap year, troubadour with the designer-distressed, skinny black jeans giving us the benefit of his world experience garnered in the … Continue reading

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13th Floor Renegades –  Last Great Dreamers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Last Great Dreamers make a glorious racket and no mistake. Then again they always did. Back in the day, the day in this case being the early nineties, they were part of that glam-punk, sleazy-blues infused back to basic rock … Continue reading

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Words and Music : California Dreaming with Brice Sedgwick

We recently sat down for a chat with emerging Australian artist Brice Sedgwick, about his two smooth and splendid releases to date, his Californian dreaming, the evolution of his music and what the future holds for him. On both Pacifico … Continue reading

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Keld – You Are Wolf (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As someone who grew up on a mixture of tradition and progressive folk sounds, as well as a host of other musical genres from the challenging to the commercial, I’m so glad to see that a whole wave of artists … Continue reading

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Tally Spear releases critically-acclaimed ‘Fade To White’ EP

To many Tally Spear may seem like a very clued up and driven young Londoner. The talented songsmith has spent the last year building her name on the live circuit and earning critical acclaim for her compellingly addictive and insightful … Continue reading

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Blue – Dani (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’ve long been an advocate of modern pop becoming influenced by older and more alternative dream-pop forces. Keep the production values and infectiousness of the modern sound but soften its edges and haze things out a bit with those sonic … Continue reading

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Wide Eyes –  Desert Mountain Tribe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Desert Mountain Tribe landed in the public consciousness with a splash a couple of years ago as their debut album Either That or The Moon received critical plaudits and public acclaim from all who came into contact with its psych-rock … Continue reading

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A Room of Ones Own –  Kini (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a wonky charm and disjointed wonderment that threads its way through I Too Overflow, the single that paves the way for the soon to be released album A Room Of Ones Own, a beguiling sound that is at … Continue reading

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Yehan Jehan releases new single Future Ringtone

Written, recorded and produced himself, Yehan Jehan’s new single ‘Future Ringtone’ is the work of an assured craftsman with a preferred set of sonic parameters. Born in London to Bosnian parents, the 24 year old’s handsomely scuffed vocals and inventive melodies are met with a … Continue reading

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