Mentioned in Despatches  –  12th Jan 2019

Your weekly round up of the music that we didn’t have time to cover in any great depth but which we felt needed a bit of a mention so that you can go and check things out for yourself.

9 Heartbit – Stefano Tucci

00a42f0dbdeaffdf06cd3bffbbb96d569b0e8b84Raised in Naples but now resident in Paris, Tucci has been blending musical genres for nearly a decade. His latest album 9 Heartbit is a blissed out blend of clever guitar lines and groovesome dance beats, chilled electronica and pop urgency. More than anything it proves that dance music and dexterous guitar work are not as opposite as the rock and dance fraternities would have us believe and that there is a sweet spot between the two. Listen to Tucci’s music and it seems so obvious.

Find this album and lots more besides HERE

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Tides of a Teardrop – Mandolin Orange (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

As we approach the end of the year, releases for 2019 start coming thick and fast, the Christmas songs slowly get tucked up tightly into their boxes for forced hibernation until next winter and thoughts of spring and the new year come along. At the start of February American duo Mandolin Orange release their sixth album and if you like harmonised vocals, thoughtful lyrics, fantastic musicianship and things a bit country, look no further, Mandolin Orange may well be your next favourite band.

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