New Music of the Day: LXXIV – Hold On (Together We’ll Keep Dreaming) – The Manic Shine

The_Manic_ShineThe Manic Shine are one of the leading lights in the forward thrust of the rock genre. Built on tried and tested formulas and traditional themes, big riffs, infectious choruses, tsunami back beats, it is where they take those sounds that offers a bright hope for the future. As individual components the landscape is certainly recognisable, but it is their skills as musical engineers, their ability to tinker, re-tune and add new components to the engine of rock that sets them apart from those glancing backward at the genres glory days.

Theirs is the sound of progress being made, the sound of a genre being dragged out of its current holding pattern of patched, double denim and 70’s fixation and being kicked into a bright future. All genres have musical glory days, it keeps music writers in a job and music bores in a conversation, but why not concentrate on creating a whole new golden era for the genre. Right here, right now. I know just the band for the job.


Trial and Triumph – The Manic Shine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

11707575_10152959990359290_8393345165796491056_nThere are a handful of bands at the moment that are injecting new life into the tried, tested and frankly long due for an overhaul rock and roll format. Whilst the rock fraternity seems to either be fixated on tributes to its own formative years and uttering sentiments such as “bands don’t rock like that any more” or current big live fixtures which require the exchange of a two bedroom, home counties, semi-detached for a ticket, a small but potent movement has formed largely unseen with its ranks. Bands such as The Manic Shine, Echo Boom Generation and Suzerain are wilfully storming barricades and heading off into a glorious new sunrise for the genre with only the slightest of reinventions.

On this, their third album, the band continue to trade in a rich, dense sound and although they embrace all that the modern age has to offer in terms of technology, studio production and equipment, at the end of the day they stay true to the spirit of rock and roll. It’s a sound built on big riffs, accessible, soaring, melody driven songs, deep-rooted grooves and thunderous backbeats. In short it’s a big show just waiting for its turn to be unleashed on the big stage.

But big songs are not just about making a noise, anyone can do that, the selling point here is the layering of the instrumentation, for even when they are put together with byzantine complexity, there seems to be room for everything to have it’s own moment in the spotlight. Nobody seems to step on anybody else’s toes; dynamics rise and fall, built from subtle break downs, soaring vocals or euphoric guitar lines, past-referencing bass interludes or mood shifting drum patterns. A glorious celebration of what modern rock music can be. The less is more years are behind us, if done correctly, and this is, more is more is definitely the way forward.

They are a band who have worked out that the wheel doesn’t need re-inventing, it just needs a clean up, re-treading and some fancy rims then taken out for a spin to leave some indelible and unsightly marks all over the road, possibly invoking an angry letter to the local newspaper. Hang on, it is going to be one hell of a ride.

New Music of The Day – XLIV : Haze (Singing My Name) – The Manic Shine

11014679_10152799072629290_9128974829415009222_n-1Anyone who thinks that classic rock ran aground a long time ago should forget this countries nostalgic love in-with its cliched past and check out bands such as The Manic Shine. As a band, they sartorial reference every era of rock music via an impressive array of beard sculpture, check shirts, baseball caps and DMs but it is when you hear the music they play that you realise that rock music still has a future and a very bright one at that.  Built on big riffs, heavy grooves, infectious singalong choruses and blistering guitar breaks, this is the sound of the sharp end of classic rock evolution. It references past glories without dwelling to long on them, it embraces modernity and it gives rock music the kick up the arse that it has clearly been waiting for. (note: that’s arse not ass…important difference!) Forget all those old AC/DC  and Zeppelin records, the future of rock music is before you and it looks a lot like The Manic Shine.

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