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Bobby’s Blues –  Brother Jon Band (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The groove never goes out of fashion, Bobby’s Blues is proof of that. Built on one of those timeless blues rock rhythms, one that slinks rather than drives, that swaggers rather than rushes, this is a song which could have … Continue reading

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Whiskey Priest –  Ben Noble (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Cutting Teeth hinted at Ben Noble’s ability to craft emotive and gently sweeping folkscapes but it didn’t prepare the listener for the fact that he is able to fill a whole album with the sort of songs which could have … Continue reading

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Chandelier –  autumn (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Chandelier is an album which reminds us that the post-punk and gothic originators from which autumn, at least in part take their lead, were essentially pop bands, although ones not afraid to revel in a quirkiness and outsider stance. And … Continue reading

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Generation Kill –  Illuminaté Steele ft. Terrormasta (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I love music that confounds me, music which doesn’t fall into easy journalistic boxes. That is one of the things I love about Generation Kill, just one of many. So firstly, where does this fit into the musical landscape? Doom … Continue reading

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Cutting Teeth – Ben Noble (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is an art to building a song, to pulling the listener along with you and keeping things interesting. It’s an art that Ben Noble excels in and Cutting Teeth is a showcase of just how to do it brilliantly. … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCXXXXV : All The Leaves – The Foshays (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Last time out The Foshays offered us a slice of Stax fuelled mutant punk-soul with ‘Til it’s Gone, this time the Minneapolis cartoon rock band revel in a 60’s psyche-pop stomp that feels less like the pastiche machinations of the … Continue reading

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A Sheik’s Legacy – Thomas Abban (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is trying something new, there’s pushing boundaries and then there is Thomas Abban. Abban goes way beyond merely moving existing musical templates forward, he does nothing less than create his own world to inhabit, explore and report on. It … Continue reading

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Deep In The Waves –  J. Briozo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Solo albums aren’t always a sign that cracks are beginning to show in the ranks of an established band, more often they are just a way of finding an outlet for music which doesn’t fit into the existing musical journey. … Continue reading

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Caterpillars – J W Schuller (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Caterpillars is the result of clever and rewarding decisions, from the artist’s choice to put something back into the community and play volunteer gigs which in turn opened up a whole new thought process regarding subject matter to the sonic … Continue reading

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The Motor Car and The Weather Balloon  –  Ben Brookes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I love the connectivity of the modern world. I love the fact that I was sent this album by the powers that be in Minneapolis when the guy in question hails from a town an hour away from me in … Continue reading

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