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New Music of the Day – CLXXXIII: Mildred Pierce / Millard Filmore – Emerald Suspension

I’m a great believer in the approach that if you are going to cover another artist’s work then in doing so you should at least bring something new to the table. When Minneapolis noise manipulators Emerald Suspension decided to take … Continue reading

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Myths and Mold – Chris Bartels (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In many ways Myths and Mold exists in two simultaneous yet diametrically opposed worlds. The studio buff and technical music geek will embrace the textures that make up the music, the layering of drums, the hypnotic note peddling, the way … Continue reading

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Coming Clean – The Favorite Things (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’m pretty sure there is something in the rules about this sort of thing. You mention The Replacements in the press release and of course it is going to go straight into the “to be reviewed” pile, no instant guarantee … Continue reading

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Dreamland – Matt Hannah (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I often feel a bit of a fraud as a Brit reviewing music that comes from a very American place. Am I equipped to understand all the nuances can I empathise with its narrative and imagery? Well, maybe it comes … Continue reading

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The Morning Kings – The Morning Kings (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sometimes the right band comes along just at the right time. This isn’t some grandiose statement about the nature of the universe, more an insight into how my morning is going. When you have spent the day so far struggling … Continue reading

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Courtney Yasmineh goes from Minneapolis to Manhattan

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One More Flight – The Sawtooth Brothers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Musical genres are made up of  gradients running from one extreme to the other with bands being positioned along it based on factors not always as pure as just playing songs. The line begins in its heartland traditions, music made for the … Continue reading

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Radiate/dissolve – Rogue Valley (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Clues are often found everywhere you look; such is the nature of my holistic mindset. The fact that in an age where minimalism is king, where packaging and presentation are often peripheral thoughts especially when sending a record off to … Continue reading

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Black Beauty – The Twilight Hours (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

A quick flick through the The Twilight Hours family tree will give you a few pointers as to what is probably going to come your way over the course of this sophomore album. More than that debut Stereo Night signposted … Continue reading

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Wake Me When The Wind Dies Down – Vicky Emerson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I have been lucky to be inundated with a deluge of pretty outstanding rootsy and Americana albums of late, from both side of the Atlantic, and even amongst the benchmarks set by that pile of great music, Vicky Emerson still … Continue reading

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