Bring On The Mesmeric Condition  –  The Morlocks (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

HGR-028_Morlocks-thumbThis may be their first album for eight years but as soon as Bothering Me’s boisterous Hollywood Brats style musical swagger starts emanating from the speakers, it seems like they have never been away. How quickly we fall back into line, them delivering acid-laced raucous garage rock and us lapping up every second of it. 

Now based in Düsseldorf, vocalist Leighton Koizumi has gathered around him a veritable who’s who of European psychedelia, fuzz and garage rock players including Rob Louwers on drums, Oliver Pilsner on bass and Marcello Salis and Bernadette on guitar. And if the line up might have been refreshed, the sonic identity of the band is still reassuringly single-minded. Guitars are sludgy, fuzzed out and pushed to the edge, drums are wonderfully tribal, basses pulse relentlessly, pianos are hammered to within an inch of their lives and in the eye of the storm Koizumi partakes in a shamanic ritual to conjure the spirits of long dead bikers and beatniks, hippies and surfers, drop-outs and freaks.

Songs such as Easy Action strut and swagger with cocky confidence, Heart of Darkness is a strange swirl of gothic-folk-pop and One Foot in the Grave is a solid gold slice of highly charged Bolan-esque rock. For all their raw approach, jagged angles, dark hearted rock vibes and warped psychedelic leanings, they never lose sight of the hook and the melody. Bone crunching and visceral this may be but you never lose the urge to dance, yell, jump about and spill your beer as a libation to the Gods of Rock’n’Roll. The more you spill on their behalf the stronger they become which probably makes The Morlocks nothing short of high priests.

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The Morlocks release their first full-length album in eight years

37920999_2036701999687362_6438085376031588352_nHound Gawd! Records is set to release the new Morlocks album titled, Bring On The Mesmeric Condition, internationally on August 31st, 2018 (LP, CD and digital, formats). The band was founded by Leighton Koizumi, singer for San Diego’s most outrageous garage rock revival band, Gravedigger V. Through break-ups, break downs, personnel changes, changing cities and shifts in popular culture, The Morlocks have continually grown stronger.

Surprising, then, that in 1999, Spin Magazine printed an inaccurate story declaring the death of their energetic, charismatic lead singer Leighton Koizumi. Needless to say, Leighton (far from being dead) continues to lead the charge, a duty he has held since the band’s debut LP Emerge. The Morlocks have continued to perform and make records, a number of which have been featured prominently in movies, television shows and video games.

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Now, the re-vamped & resurrected Morlocks are ready to spread their wings like a Phoenix rising from the ashes… Currently based out of Düsseldorf, Germany Leighton has inlisted a who´s who European fuzz masters… Starting with Rob Louwers – drums (Fuzztones, Q-65, Link Wray), Oliver Pilsner – Bass (Fuzztones, Cheeks, Montesas, Magnificent Brotherhood) Bernadette – Guitar (Sonny Vincent, Humpers) and Marcello Salis (Gravedigger V, Hangee V).

Recorded By Alaska Winter at various secret locations in Germany, including stops in “The Black Forests“ of Freiburg, the seedy underbelly of the Rhine (Düsseldorf/Köln) and East meets West (Berlin). Mixed and mastered by the notorious “Jim Diamond “ of Dirtbombs fame, to give it that special “Motor City” grit and grease that is required on a Morlock record! Alas it´s been a while since the release of “The Morlocks Play Chess”,  “BRING ON THE MESMERIC CONDITION” features something never before offered on a Morlocks LP, all original songs!

Tour Dates:

Sep. 21   Freak Show, Essen, GER
Sep. 22   Das Bett, Frankfurt, GER
Sep. 23   La Bazka, Nancy, FRA
Sep. 24   Le Trockson, Lyon, FRA
Sep. 25   Blah Blah, Torino, ITA
Sep. 26   Raindogs, Savona, ITA
Sep. 27   Trenta Formiche, Roma, ITA
Sep. 28   Ligera, Milano, ITA
Sep. 29   Bronson, Ravenna, ITA
Sep. 30   Altro Quando, Zero Branco, ITA
Okt. 02   Unter Deck, München, GER
Okt. 05   Blue Devils, Orleans, FRA
Okt. 06   Petit Bain, Paris, FRA

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