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Gold Rush – Hannah Aldridge (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It isn’t just the various sounds that make up the songs; hints of country, heartland rock, southern gothic and more that create a geographical fix for Hannah Aldridge’s sophomore album. There is something else that inhabits the spaces between the … Continue reading

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Lil’ Lost Lou – Lil’ Lost Lou (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a certain poignancy coming to this album as I do just hours after hearing that Chuck Berry had duck walked off this mortal coil. I wonder what he would make of the fact that here is a female … Continue reading

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Test Your Love – Buffalo Clover

As someone who hasn’t travelled as much of the world as I would like, who explores a lot of the world through it’s music and everything that it evokes, Buffalo Clover sound like nothing less than America’s beating heart. And … Continue reading

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