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Scene and Heard – CCCXXX : Wicked Vicious – Nasty Little Lonely (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

One of the fun things about reviewing new music is the chance to make up intriguing, though ultimately pointless, new generic descriptions about the music under the spotlight. The fact you can do it at all says something about the … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCXXXXV : Glitter –  Nasty Little Lonely (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You can always rely on Nasty Little Lonely to throw a spanner in the works, it’s the reason that you have to love them so much. Just when the music scene seems to have found its beige balance of acoustic … Continue reading

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Rack and Ruin – Nasty Little Lonely (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The Arthur Rackham illustration on the cover of Nasty Little Lonely’s latest musical outing should give some idea to the uninitiated of what lies within. The dark fairy tale nature of the artwork reflects the juxtaposition of the industrial-gothic music … Continue reading

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10 acts to watch for 2016 – Selected by Ed Dyer

Well, that’s 2015 all wrapped up then, and musically speaking it wasn’t half bad at all. But, what will 2016 bring us? And who will be the artists and bands to watch out for? In an attempt to answer these … Continue reading

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Get Off The Good Foot – Charlton Lane (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Bristol has been the breeding ground for many a musical movement over the years, from 90’s trip-hop through to its current, prominent wave of post-rock. For me though one of the most interesting sub-genres that seems to be slowly coalescing … Continue reading

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Bad Jack & Other Stories – Nasty Little Lonely (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

My review pile is a wonderfully chaotic place, a real juxtaposition of styles that tumble at random from the “to do” list onto the stereo for further consideration. So after a morning of trying to find new ways of making … Continue reading

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