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Scene and Heard – CCXCV : Land of Clouds  – Yaman Palak (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Land of Clouds is one of those songs that underlines the power of the digital music revolution. There was a time when synthesisers and samples, music created from non-analogue sources, sounds drawn from the ether rather than for physical dexterity … Continue reading

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Tribal Love – Rivita (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Take a female singer/songwriter/producer from Delhi in India, give her a musical education from London and drop her into the boiling pot of influences of a city like, oh I don’t know… New York, and it would be pretty interesting … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCXCI :  Avec Moi  – Angelle ft. Philmoore Rich (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Angelle is one of those artists who, despite working in the contemporary world of soulful, R&B infused pop, also manages to remind us of a host of great names from Roberta Flack to Witney Houston to Toni Braxton. And that, … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard  –  CCLXXXV : Hourglass – Daarien feat. DJ Tallah (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hourglass is a song which says so much about the musical world we find ourselves in today. With the abandonment of the old tribal allegiances, the hard and fast rules which created rigid styles, musicians are freer to make music … Continue reading

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Jitter Visions –  Cup (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s very easy to throw comparisons around when reviewing bands, in his case make that one-man-bands, such as Cup, but as the short, sharp, opening sonic salvo of Runny Rummy hammers its way into your consciousness, all monotonous, industrial guitar … Continue reading

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Dark Day Afternoon –  Timothy Dark  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Lead single She Put a Spell on Me is funky stuff for sure. Steeped in 70’s funk ethic, the excessive and effortless groove of 80’s Prince and fusing R&B, rock guitar and hip-hop rap and flow, it wanders between the … Continue reading

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s a r a s a r a shares brand new video for ‘Love’

S a r a s a r a, the mesmeric and mystifying Parisian electronic artist and producer, has revealed her brand-new video for ‘Love’, directed by Nikolai Galitzine, and announced that she will be appearing at SXSW in Austin this … Continue reading

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Swimsuit Issue debut video for Look Now

Following their first headlining dates of 2018, Swimsuit Issue debut their official video for their single “Look Now”. Watch the band’s self-directed clip below. Swimsuit Issue is a seven-person American rock band fronted by model Miles Garber and David Gagliardi, who also … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCLIV : Deeper –  Kenny Fame (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You have to admire Kenny Fame’s ability to explore his chosen genre, to push into the extremes of the commercial and the unconventional alike. If 2016’s An Intimate Portrait was a collection of progressive R&B, an album which mixed fragile … Continue reading

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Chicken Wire –  Ash Gray (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It might seem incongruous to a Brit like me that a musician would give up Austin, Texas and relocate to Sheffield, England, even if they did do it via New York. Swapping the home of cosmic country and outsider musicality … Continue reading

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