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Incubus – Xeus  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The term urban music is, like pretty much every journalistic label, too general, too vague, too broad to be of any real use when it comes to discussing music and New York City artist Xeus is the perfect example of … Continue reading

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Vicar Bones’ Time Machine – from Charles & Diana : The Musical (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You can’t say that we don’t get a wide array of music to play with here at Dancing About Architecture, on a daily basis it ranges from bedroom rappers from Chicago to globe trotting Brazilian jazz players to German post-rock … Continue reading

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I Had a Zombie Conversation –  Lewis Papier  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I haven’t checked the statistics but I’m sure it would be a fair bet to say that Halloween is responsible for just as many seasonally gimmicky songs being thrust upon the unsuspecting public as Christmas is. Quick buck induced tunes … Continue reading

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Nothing Like It –  Courtney Farren (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As soon as the opening, titular track begins pouring from the speakers you know that you are on to something a bit special here. Special in that, far from being just another singer-songwriter, indie girl with guitar, Courtney Farren instead … Continue reading

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The Dayoffs – The Dayoffs (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Albums should grab you from the off, entice you, draw you in and wrap you up in their own musical plane of existence. The Dayoffs are aware of this, even if they are not aware that they are aware of … Continue reading

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Goodnight, Sweet Betty – 68 Creep (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I love the fact that I have lived long enough to witness the word Lynchian become a recognised label, one that can be applied to art and creativity across a wide range of spectrums. In the visual aspect it is … Continue reading

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Flag Burner – American Anymen (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

One of the things which speaks volumes about just how much the world has changed over the last generation is when you are reading the comments of an on line discussion and some one posts something along the lines of … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCXV: My Metallic Dream – Cyborg Asylum

If Science Fiction in print and on the screen has been the perfect vehicle for discussing and exploring ideas of where society is headed and what the future might look like, it was the Blitz Kids and the New Romantics … Continue reading

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Fly I Will, Because I Can – My Favourite Things (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If dream-pop is a genre built from musical soundscaping and layers of sonic textures, My Favourite Things sonorous pop seems built upon the dreams themselves. It is an album forged of lullabies and half-forgotten memory, of hazy nostalgia and imaginary … Continue reading

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Rainbows – A is for Atom (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If pop music often comes with the tag throw away and modern indie has become anything but independent being more concerned with the fame game as its denizens sport complicated hair and just the right brand of skinny jeans, then … Continue reading

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