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Mind The Ether  – Shaman Elect (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s very easy to judge books by covers, or in this case bands by titles and upon seeing both the name of the band and the album, I have to confess that thoughts of some sort of dreadlocked, hippie-esque, stoner … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCCXXXVII : Paradigm Shift – Cyborg Asylum (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Cyborg Asylum has always been great at blending a sort of clinical, cold war, drama with a slightly apocalyptic musical vision. Their great art has always lain in their skill for looking at the political machinations and social choices being … Continue reading

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The Climb – Matthew De Ver (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music obviously has a fluidity to it, a quality that means that the same piece can evoke a different set of reactions in different people depending on their own experiences and world outlook. Similarly lyrics can be used just as … Continue reading

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Static Bloom – Hot Knives (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If the scope and style of music were expressed as a Venn Diagram, then at a point where funk, punk and psychedelia meet, you might not find many bands filling that intersection but it is definitely where The Hot Knives … Continue reading

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Xhaling Emotions –  REEM IIDOL (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Reem is telling it like it is. One of the great things about rap music is that it looks you in the eye, shoots from the hip and draws first, firing off salvos of reality, truth bullets packet with explosive … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCXCIX : Never Enough – Joan Mercury (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The best pop music has the ability to walk fine lines between different worlds and is able to appeal to wide demographics without sacrificing its own integrity. We often see the opposite of this idea at work, at one extreme … Continue reading

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River Road –  The Gary Douglas Band (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Many years ago there was a band I adored called The Del Fuego’s and a song in particular that I just couldn’t get enough of that went by the name of Allen’s Mills. It was the sound of a rock … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCXCV : Land of Clouds  – Yaman Palak (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Land of Clouds is one of those songs that underlines the power of the digital music revolution. There was a time when synthesisers and samples, music created from non-analogue sources, sounds drawn from the ether rather than for physical dexterity … Continue reading

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Tribal Love – Rivita (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Take a female singer/songwriter/producer from Delhi in India, give her a musical education from London and drop her into the boiling pot of influences of a city like, oh I don’t know… New York, and it would be pretty interesting … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCXCI :  Avec Moi  – Angelle ft. Philmoore Rich (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Angelle is one of those artists who, despite working in the contemporary world of soulful, R&B infused pop, also manages to remind us of a host of great names from Roberta Flack to Witney Houston to Toni Braxton. And that, … Continue reading

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