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Where’s The Magic –  Band of Gold (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You have to love an album which comes at you like the future of pop music whilst effortlessly blending past golden ages and Where’s The Magic does all this and more. For every cutting edge synth line there is a … Continue reading

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Shelter – Zialand (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If last time out Zialand’s single Landslide dealt in slick and sultry electro-pop, here she takes a more naturalistic route. No less cool and soulful, Shelter is closer to the soul ballads of old than the more cutting edge sonic … Continue reading

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Landslide –  Zialand (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music can’t help but be anything other than the sum total of the artists creative past and the more mercurial and wide ranging that is, the more likely the end result is something unique and ploughing a singular furrow. Zialand’s musical … Continue reading

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Lost in Reflections – Black Needle Noise (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Any album which bills itself as “music for movies you haven’t dreamt of yet” is going to blip on this dream-poppers radar that’s for sure and not just blip but blip and resonate, shimmer and fade…luckily I have my radar … Continue reading

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Red Hot – Los Plantronics (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You know the world is a small place when you find yourself listening to a 9-piece mariachi-surf band channelling Gene Vincent…from Oslo! You know that the world is an unpredictable place when you read that the band re-invented their whole … Continue reading

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Strangers and Lovers – Thea and The Wild (Jansen Plateproduksjon) reviewed by Dave Franklin

The Gods of Music seem set to thwart me at every turn. I was recently bemoaning the state of pop music at the moment, its cheap, disposable nature, the production line ethos and the tired, tried and tested to death … Continue reading

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