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Scene and Heard – CCCXXXIX : Not What I Want –  Jackie Dope (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Revelling in the past is all very well and good but the best music, or at least the most original,  seems to be made as people move things forward. It’s evolution, it’s forward-thinking, it is the way the world turns. … Continue reading

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Flow – Flow (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Just as some of the best and most unique experiences happen when you go off grid, as it were, where the generic road runs out and turns to unexplored creativity, when art runs out of rules to follow; so music … Continue reading

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Magick Thing –  The Fell Swoop (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You could argue that The Fell Swoop’s sound is one that comes from a nostalgic place, from the golden age of soul, from a jazz and funk past and a disco dance floor of yesteryear. You could also argue, so … Continue reading

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Super Moon Moonlight Part One – Forest Robots (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

A message can be a powerful thing, connecting and resonating far beyond its intended destination. And so this debut album from Forest Robots may have started as a love letter to the daughter of the man behind the music but … Continue reading

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I Second That Amendment Blues –  Elliot Schneider (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We know that Elliot Schneider is great with a wacky and witty turn of phrase, anyone titling their album Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basketcase? really is someone you should listen carefully to. But whilst he is brilliant … Continue reading

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Supersonic –  Jarel Portman (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As I said when Runaway Blues hit the review desk at the start of the year, Portman’s music might sound like more of the same, a deft blend of pop and rock, blues and groove, but spend a bit of … Continue reading

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Never Wanna Leave  –  Xavier Toscano (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

  Pop and dance music, and all its sub-genres and variants, may be a young persons scene but that doesn’t mean that the market will put up with a lower standard product than any other genre. Far from it, if … Continue reading

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Porgy – Labyrinth Lounge (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What happens when a hip New York jazz rhythm section share their musical visions with a West Coast musical shaman? Well, one possible outcome can be found by listening to Labyrinth Lounge’s debut album. Never far from a chilled jazz … Continue reading

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Nite Fields US Tour

Nite Fields return with a new single and a forthcoming album and those in the USA will be pleased to hear that they have announced a North American tour. The dates are as follows. 03.10 Brooklyn @ Sunnyvale 03.11 Chicago, … Continue reading

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New Music of The Day – XXVII : Black Flag – Du Blonde

There was no better statement of intent to Du Blonde’s new sound and direction than the snarling first single ‘Black Flag’. Now Beth Jeans Houghton is ready to reveal the accompanying video filmed out at Joshua Tree in the Mojave … Continue reading

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